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Skills to Last a Lifetime!

Matrix Entrepreneur Academy is a private nonprofit school which opened in Bakersfield, California, in August 2020. The school is founded by Innovative Entrepreneur Education, a California Nonprofit Corporation.

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We will empower hundreds of future entrepreneurs to kick-start their business dreams with hands-on, real-world training in “how to start a business,” and prepare a new generation of aspiring entrepreneurs.

Our future depends upon a plentiful supply of educated, creative entrepreneurial citizens to create new businesses and jobs. The natural drive of young people is at the core of what we do—we are changing lives by capturing the imagination of future entrepreneurs.

Matrix Entrepreneur Academy is a membership organization with 4 categories of students and adult community groups.

1. Matrix Junior E-club Membership (Ages 5 – 12) Text MATRIX to 888-413-0712 for Updates
2. Matrix Teen E-club Membership (Ages 18 and under) Text MATRIX1 to 888-413-0712 for Updates
3. Matrix Young Adult E-club Membership (Ages 18 – 25+) Text MATRIX2 to 888-413-0712 for Updates
4. Matrix Booster E-club for Sponsors, Volunteers, Parents, Mentors, and Community Supporters (Ages 25 +) Text MATRIX3 to 888-413-0712 for Updates

“Not every young person wants to work for a big business, so we need a systemic approach to teach them entrepreneurship.”

– U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan

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Matrix E-Clubs

Matrix E-clubs will promote Networking Skills to Last a Lifetime: Networking: Conversing and Listening, Starting and Growing a Business, Finances, Entrepreneur Mindset

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*Monthly Mixers for each age level held at a local business
*Space at the Biz Expos
*Field Trips
*And More

Juniors, Teens, and Young Adults

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Matrix Booster E-club
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Entrepreneurship Classes

Enrollment for Entrepreneurship 1, 2, and 3 Classes: Enrollment for Entrepreneurship 1, 2, and 3 Classes: Matrix Entrepreneur Academy is a specialized program designed to educate students regarding finances, business, mindset, and entrepreneurship. Students will start a business (Side Hustle), if desired, to make extra money or save for college or starting a business.Click here to Enroll


Workshops are for Connecting Teens and Young Adults with Real World Business

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Matrix Entrepreneur Academy has an innovative Junior High, High School, and Young Adult program that emphasizes the development of skills in the area of finances, business, management, leadership, personal development, and entrepreneurship.

Business Mentoring

Numerous community entrepreneurs, business owners, and managers have volunteered to mentor a student at least one hour a month in person regarding the development of their sole proprietorship. All mentors will go through the same background checks as the staff. Are you an entrepreneur, business owner, manager?

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Entrepreneurship is on the move!

Entrepreneurship is a way of life: It is not just an academic discipline.

  • Job Creation & Economic Growth: In a changing economy, entrepreneurship is the path to economic growth that also stimulates job creation.
  • Real-World Experience: Putting economic lessons in context is a viable and effective strategy for helping teens achieve their employment and career goals. Government cannot create all the jobs for today’s young people. Teaching skills, and fostering creativity and independence by participating or starting a business prepares them for what’s to come in life.
  • An Early Impact: While entrepreneurship courses are popularly available at the college level, they’re less common at the junior high and high school level—a crucial time to inspire interest and get kids on a path to success.





What We Do for Your Teen

Program Benefits – Education for a Lifetime.

  • Students are very engaged when learning about money and business
  • Connecting to Real World life beats staying home playing video games
  • Professional skill development is huge! Leaning soft skills like how to have meaningful conversations, meet people, network, etc. instead of texting the friend across the table
  • Students have an increased interest in attending college
  • Greater occupational aspirations
  • Improved scores in independent reading

“Entrepreneurship is an employment and job creation strategy that can lead to economic self-sufficiency for today’s young people”

– The Kauffman Foundation

Entrepreneurship is more than a set of tools and techniques for starting a business.  It’s a mindset, a way of looking at things that is opportunity-focused and creative. It’s about passion—doing what you love, and about challenge and persistence. Our school prepares students for further studies in business or can stand alone as valuable information for future endeavors.


You Don’t Have to Break the Bank to Be in Good Hands

Besides Financial Aid, Loans, and Low-Interest Credit Cards, several part-time business opportunities are available to parents who would like to earn part or all of their students’ tuition. Parents and students may also volunteer hours when receiving financial assistance.

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Where to Start

Start by becoming a member of Matrix Entrepreneur Academy. Membership available for all ages.


Updated Business Tips

Employment Opportunities

Matrix Entrepreneur Academy offers an unusual professional opportunity for administrators, instructors and office staff who may be looking for a new approach. Further, Matrix Entrepreneur Academy emphasizes participatory school governance in which staff is actively involved in decision-making at the school site.

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