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Biz Expos

Several times a year, Matrix Entrepreneur Academy sponsors a community trade show for Children, Teens, Young Adults, and Adults to sell their products, advertise their services, or perform using their talents of singing, dancing, or playing an instrument.

These are held in the late fall, and spring, Also, Matrix Entrepreneur Academy will reserve several booths at other local vendor shows in order to provide students the experience of selling, promoting, and working with customers.

Business Mentoring

Numerous community business owners and entrepreneurs have volunteered to mentor a student at least one hour a month in person regarding the development of their sole proprietorship. All mentors will go through the same process of background checks followed by the staff.


Entrepreneur Super Stars will be a designation of those students with sole proprietor businesses who are earning a net profit of $500 per month for a 6-month period. It is anticipated that this group will begin in the second year that the school is in operation.


  • Monthly Student activities combining all students in all of the entrepreneur classes will be an important part of community building among the students. Events for all ages include activities such as mixers, field trips to local businesses, Cash Flow Game nights, vendor days, and Socials.
  • Booster/Parent Mixers will be held throughout the year to build a community support system for students individually and collectively.
  • School Advisory Board (SAB) will ensure parents have an opportunity to participate in the governance of the school in several ways by providing a forum for parents to inquire, express concerns, and provide feedback on school policy or practice.
  • Entrepreneur Success Team (EST) will attempt to meet all struggling young entrepreneur’s needs within the regular instructional setting and oversee implementation of strategies to monitor the young entrepreneur’s progress.
  • Community Partners: KITE (Kern Initiative for Talent and Entrepreneurship), California State University Bakersfield Entrepreneur Club; Bakersfield College Launch Pad; University of La Verne, Kern County Black Chamber of Commerce, Kern County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Greater Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce, North of the River Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Business Association, FIBI (For Investors by Investors), Kern Community Foundation
  • Community Service Opportunities will start with helping put housewarming baskets together for transitional youth, those going from foster care to independent living.
  • Matrix Entrepreneur Academy is a vendor for Heartland and Inspire Charter Schools.

Campus Security

It is our desire to be prepared and equipped to handle all security issues. We will continue to update, a detailed “Crisis Response Plan” for our school that all staff, faculty, and students will become familiar with and understand.

Details are in our Student/Parent Handbook under School Safety concerning:

  1. School Emergency Plans
  2. Field Trips and Excursions
  3. Injury and Illness Prevention Program Guidance
  4. Safety Alert System and Transportation Safety Plan

Furthermore, members of our administrative team and staff receive continual training in order to be current with best practices and new information for school safety.

Social Media 101

At Entrepreneur Academy we fully support technology and love the benefits that social media can bring to our lives. Unfortunately, with technology, there can be negatives that arise as well. In an effort to help students and parents to fully understand some of the dangers of social media we have created a list of social apps that, when used improperly, have really hurt the culture in many schools.

Apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok and Snapchat are important to monitor, but the following apps are ones that can pose additional issues that all should be aware of:

Yik Yak, Kid Messenger, Poor, Omegle, Whisper, Down, Blendr, Ask.FM

Again, many of the listed apps can be enjoyable and harmless if used in a healthy way. If your students use any social media site, it is important to be engaged and have a presence. Ways to do this may include friending, following, or joining them on it to monitor what they’re doing and saying. Another option is to occasionally look at their phones to confirm which apps they have installed, or even review their activity on the site. Regardless, the most important thing is to stay involved.

It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.

– John Wooden

Teen Entrepreneurs in Bakersfield, California

Jenisis Hariss – Started her business in Junior High School

Daniel Johnson – Started his DJ business in High School
Mady Beckham – Started her Barbie Museum business in Middle School
Anaya Winn – Started her UniCosme business in High School
Ayden Gartenlaub – Started as a student at Highland High School

Know a teen entrepreneur we can feature on our website?  If so, send name and contact Information to MatrixEABak@gmail.com

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Employment Opportunities

Matrix Entrepreneur Academy offers an unusual professional opportunity for administrators, instructors and office staff who may be looking for a new approach. Further, Matrix Entrepreneur Academy emphasizes participatory school governance in which staff is actively involved in decision-making at the school site.

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