Matrix Monthly Events


Matrix Entrepreneur Academy is a membership organization with 4 categories of students and adult community groups.

1. Matrix Junior E-club (Ages 5 – 12)
2. Matrix Teen E-club (Ages 19 and under)
3. Matrix Young Adult E-club (Ages 18 – 25+)
4. Matrix Booster E-club for Sponsors, Volunteers, Parents, Mentors, and Community Supporters (Ages 25 +)

Entrepreneurship Classes

Entrepreneurship Classes:
Enrollment for Entrepreneurship 1, 2, and 3 Classes:
Matrix Entrepreneur Academy is a specialized program designed to educate students regarding finances, business, mindset, and entrepreneurship. Students will start a business (Side Hustle), if desired, to make extra money or save for college or starting a business.

Financial Education, Leadership, and Creative Business Activities Classes

Classes for younger students are included as a preparation for life and entrepreneurship.

Basic Finances and Leadership Leadership and Creative Business Activities
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Charter School Students must make 3 monthly requests to cover full 12 weeks tuition for each class.

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