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Families considering Matrix Entrepreneur Academy understand the benefits of education in finance and business.  However, some may face an obstacle in affording the cost of tuition. Matrix Entrepreneur Academy is committed to providing a need-based financial aid program that awards grants to families, based solely on demonstrated economic need.

Our goal is that every student who would like to attend Matrix Entrepreneur Academy may do so. We will assist with the problem-solving task of making that happen financially.

Matrix Entrepreneur Academy does not offer merit, athletic or special-achievement scholarships. Through need-based financial aid, Matrix Entrepreneur Academy strives to maintain its commitment of enrolling a diverse student body. Matrix Entrepreneur Academy expects the family to take the primary responsibility for the cost of their students’ education and encourages them to seek every avenue in meeting the financial obligation of tuition.

The financial aid funds are provided by generous donors from our school families, members of the community and special events.

How to Apply for Financial Aid

  • Financial Aid is need-based. Awards are determined on a family’s ability to pay.
    Families applying for financial aid will be evaluated to ensure every effort is being made to meet the tuition on their own.
  • As a general rule, we expect the parent(s)/guardian(s) to pay at least half of the tuition.
    This can be done by starting a family side business. See more information below.
  • Financial Aid results in a reduction in the tuition charge. It is not a loan or scholarship nor is it taxable to the family.
  • Financial Aid is only available to students taking 12week classes and is not available for membership.
  • Parent(s) and student(s) will be asked to serve school volunteer hours if awarded Financial Aid.

Financial Aid Recipients

As a condition of receiving financial assistance, parents and students awarded aid are asked to complete volunteer hours.

Start a Family Side Business

With the help of the staff of Matrix Entrepreneur Academy, parents, and family members may want to start a “Side Hustle”, a side business to not only cover the cost of tuition but increase their family income. Information meetings and individual appointments will be held and announced by email.

Loan Options

There are lenders that make loans available to parents to help them finance the cost of private school education for their children.

Please contact the Matrix Entrepreneur Academy office at

Other Options

You may want to explore other credit options as well, such as a personal loan or mortgage refinance from your local bank or a low-interest credit card.

Financial Aid FAQ

No. Registration for Matrix Entrepreneur Academy is independent from a family’s request for financial aid.
When should I apply for financial aid?
A financial aid application may be completed at any time; however, financial aid will not be awarded until the student is registered to attend Matrix Entrepreneur Academy.
Where do funds for financial aid come from?
The financial aid funds are provided by generous donors from our school families, members of the community and special events.
Is financial aid a loan? Does it have to be paid back?

No. A Financial Aid award reduces your total amount of tuition due. It does not have to be paid back.

Are there other avenues to obtain the funds needed for my student to attend Matrix Entrepreneur Academy?
Yes. There are lenders that make loans available to parents for educational purposes, personal loans, mortgage refinance, or a low-interest credit card. Families may want to start a family business with the help of the Matrix Entrepreneur Academy staff.
Does Matrix Entrepreneur Academy award merit or special achievement scholarships?

No. Matrix Entrepreneur Academy does not award scholarships. All financial aid is awarded on the basis of demonstrated economic need.

How do we know if we will qualify for financial aid?
Awards are determined on a family’s ability, not willingness to pay. There is no certain income amount that determines your eligibility. We take into consideration income, expenses, assets, liabilities and the number of people in the household.
Am I required to request financial aid every year? Why doesn’t Matrix Entrepreneur Academy offer a multi-year financial aid amount?

Yes, you are required to apply every year. Each family is distinctive in their financial situation, and financial circumstances rarely remain static. Matrix Entrepreneur Academy will consider each family’s unique situation every year and make an annual decision on Financial Aid.

Since we received some financial aid in the past, can we count on the same amount in the future?

While Matrix Entrepreneur Academy will consider your Financial Aid from the previous year, we will evaluate each year independently based on your current financial situation.

Do you offer “Full Rides” to Entrepreneur Academy?

No. There is no student who receives 100% in Financial Aid. We believe that a Matrix Entrepreneur Academy education is very valuable, and every family is capable of making a sacrifice and financial contribution to attend.

What about fees and other expenses? Can those be taken from my financial aid award?

Financial Aid funds are applied towards tuition only. Families are still responsible for all other fees and expenses including technology, books, meals, optional student trips, production company rehearsals, private music and visual art lessons and should plan accordingly.

What are my student’s requirements if we receive financial aid?

You will be required to submit registration on line, and the Matrix Entrepreneur Academy Financial Agreement. Your student must maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA each semester at their school to continue receiving Financial Aid, be a contributing member to the overall entrepreneur program and community, and complete the required volunteer service hours.

Can I share the amount of our financial aid amount with others?

Our Financial Aid process is public; however, each family situation is unique. Matrix Entrepreneur Academy requests that each family keep the amount of their award confidential and not discuss specifics with other families.


Yes. All parents related to the student need to submit their information.

Is my information safe and confidential?
Yes. Only those individuals on the Financial Aid Committee will have access to your personal financial information.

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