Curriculum for Entrepreneurs

The Entrepreneur Program will consist of four areas of emphasis during most classroom sessions. These are Financial Education, Entrepreneur Education, Skills for Success and Wellness for Energy.

Entrepreneurship 1, 2, and 3 Classes will be held during the school year in a classroom with an instructor or online depending on best health practices.
Class will be held 1 day a week for 1 & ½ hours.

Entrepreneurship 1, 2, and 3 Classes may include developing a class business as well as a personal business with a mentor. Extra time for developing a business or rehearsing for performances will be scheduled as needed.

These classes help teens and young adults start a side hustle (business) connecting teens and young adults with real world business

Workshops are specialized classes on subjects which will supplement the Entrepreneur class. 


Financial Education

Entrepreneurs must first understand personal finances before embarking on any kind of business. Courses are designed to meet our young entrepreneurs’ needs.

Entrepreneur Education

Entrepreneurship 1, the business portion of the curriculum will be from Entrepreneur Pathways, Inc. by Dr. Timothy M Stearns of California State University, Fresno where Dr. Stearns is the professor of Entrepreneurism. Entrepreneur Pathways offers a suite of project-based curricula with a focus on innovation and entrepreneurial skills.

This curriculum is enhanced by several other activities and lessons that go beyond the scope of the Entrepreneur Pathways

Entrepreneurship 2 will be a more in-depth curriculum also from Entrepreneur Pathways.

Entrepreneurship 3 will revolve around Innovation and Development Entrepreneurism.

Skills for Success

All young entrepreneurs will participate in a personal development program called Skills for Success. This is an updated version of a class on success that Bob Ritchey taught at West High School 30 years ago. Bob capitalized on the principles in the course and became a very successful real estate investor.

Wellness for Entrepreneurs

The young entrepreneurs will come to realize that their physical health is extremely important and excellent health is a must in order to continue to lead others in a business. Health topics will include nutrition, diet, and healthy lifestyle decision-making. Good decisions for a healthy lifestyle will be emphasized.

I am learning how to delegate and how to empower people.

– Tyra Banks


Entrepreneur Academy envisions technology playing three core instructional functions:

  • Personalized Instructional programs.
  • Real-world connections. Technology offers a wealth of possibilities connected to the real world, including communicating with experts and others investigating similar topics, to access rich visuals, to provide engaging and current formats for research, etc.
  • Registration of learning. Technology also offers engaging formats for applying skills and concepts, thereby developing higher-order thinking skills. These include creating podcasts, blogs, PowerPoints, comic strips and movies, whiteboard lessons and many more.

You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.

– Richard Branson

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