Visual & Performing Arts

Turn your talent into a business

As a supplement to individual businesses, the school will provide additional classes in the arts outside of the entrepreneur class:

There will be classes in several aspects of art and crafts, vocal and instrumental music production, dance production, as well as training and rehearsals for all aspects of the production company. The exact offerings will be determined after registration is complete.

Instructors may or may not be credentialed instructors but will have the expertise in their field to provide superior instruction.  With a focus on developing mentoring relationships, Entrepreneur Academy will tap into the community’s resources for artistic expertise, instruction, and materials (e.g., music instructors, professional artists, etc.). The artistic talents of the instructional staff will be shared with the young entrepreneurs.

Production Team

Vocal, Dance, Theatrical

Matrix Entrepreneur Academy will be starting a Production Team and be performing shows for conventions, business parties and awards dinners, and other community events. Students will be singing, dancing, or acting with a group of about 8 – 24 performers. All of this will be under the capable leadership of very talented local instructors. Production Team will hold placement auditions as needed for productions.

Students on the team, those working toward being on the team, or developing their own entertainment business will have access to vocal and dance instruction.

With increased numbers of students developing skills in vocal, dance, and acting, additional production groups may form with different emphasizes. Vocal musicians, dancers, and actors will be grouped as either individuals forming equity companies or an individual starting a group and hiring other performers with unique productions. These productions of singing, acting, and dancing may center around themes, such as Safety Awards, movie or cartoon characters, seasons, patriotic, etc.

Instrumental Groups

Music Instrumental

Depending on the number of young entrepreneurs in music, the instrumental music department will grow into several groups such as a jazz band, a wind ensemble, and a string quartet.  They will then also be for hire in the community for company events, conventions or private parties.    There is also the possibility of an individual young entrepreneur starting a business and developing his or her own group and hiring other young entrepreneurs.  This would be a sole proprietorship since partnerships will not be encouraged at the school unless the group develops an equity group where members share profits.

Through grants the school plans to provide young entrepreneurs with instruments if they are not personally owned by the young entrepreneurs.  In this way students can start with a base of what they need.  Additional instruments and equipment may be purchased by monies earned from their performances. The music program will be one that grows as the school grows.  Grant registration specifically for this program are available and will be submitted.

Visual Arts

Computer Graphics Drawing, Painting,
Jewelry Making, Craft Projects

Computer graphics, drawing, painting, sculpturing, pottery making, jewelry making, craft projects and all of the many variations of each area of the visual arts will be encouraged for those students who would like to start a business in these areas. Many opportunities in Kern County are available for training in addition to classes offered at Matrix Entrepreneur Academy as students show a desire to create a business in these areas.

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